About the author

I have been a Business Intelligence (BI) and general data consultant now for over 18 years. Serving my time with big global SIs like CSC and CapGemini. I have worked on some of the biggest IT projects in the UK

At one time or another I have worked on most mainstream BI and ETL tools out there.

My passion has always been for BI to be the tool of choice when people in organisations have a question. i want them not to even have to think about that choice. So many times I see people struggling with Excel and/or Access. So many times I run into behemoth BI projects that rumble on while the requirement changed 5 minutes after they started.

This blog is my release valve for all the thoughts bubbling round my subconcious about QlikView and BI in general.

So thanks for reading and your continued patience with my ramblings.