First Post!

So here i go with my own blog. I contribute to a couple of blogs and forums, but this is mine (my own, my precious… 🙂 ).

So what do you think of the amazing art skills that went into producing my logo? Yes it is a Qlik Brain! Yes it is truly cheesy, but as a starter for ten it will serve nicely.

qlikthinking logo


So what will I be putting on this blog? Well… To be perfectly honest I am not sure. Definitely any thoughts and musings I have on QlikView, but also thoughts on Business intelligence more broadly and trends in things like data visualisations from a developer that has to produce swanky looking visualisations that actually work when the data changes.

SO that is it for a first post. Nothing grandiose, no high concept mission status. I just hope you (whoever you are) will appreciate my qlikthinking (could not resist 😀 ).